In the world of entertainment, not many DJ's have the capability of balancing music accurately to satisfy the diverse crowd that Houston has to offer. DJ A.D.M. obtains that needed versatility to please mixed crowds and is capable of mixing, mashing, and playing with nearly all genres to keep the party going. DJ A.D.M.’s aim is to make the clients vibe on the highest levels, and to encourage socializing by delivering the right mood.

DJ A.D.M. dedicated over three years as a Mixshow DJ on Univison’s KAMA Tu Musica 104.9FM, now known as Latino Mix 104.9. Past residencies include some of the most popular venues in Houston, that are known for some of the best parties which include celebrity appearances by many reality stars, sports athletes, and music artists, such as Rob Kardashian, Scott Disick, James Harden and Chris Brown.

Although most local DJ's base their DJ career on how many venues they have performed at, DJ A.D.M. measures his success on the length of his residencies. DJ A.D.M. has had several residencies that extend to as long as fiv years – In Houston nightlife, few can say the same.

DJ A.D.M. is currently doing what he does best: (A)lways (D)oing (M)e. Keep up to date with DJ A.D.M. and party at your own risk!

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'Keeping It Basic' is exactly what you need to make it through that 9 to 5 that you dread so much. This mix starts slow and gradually increases the frequency to get you in the right mood. Although a BASIC mix from one song to the other, it was ahead of it's time because most of the songs on the playlist are now being heard on your radios. Make sure to keep up to date with DJ A.D.M. as he will be releasing mixes more often.


"Dancing Dirty" is a Mixtape Series brought to you by DJ A.D.M. that is designed to bring you the best of all genres! Although the first release in 2013, subtitled, "It's A Trap", is focused mostly on Trap music, the self titled mix released in early 2014, is highlighting some of the best of both new and old Reggaeton, Reggae, Twerk, and Hip-hop. Be prepared to be surprised as those genres are mixed and mashed together to keep your body moving. Turn the volume up and get ready, because you may find yourself "Dancing Dirty" !!!


Una mezcla para todos los Latinos !!! A diversified mix highlighting both new, and classic hits that all Latinos will enjoy. Including several genres of Latin music, you better prepare yourself for a journey throughout all of Latin America as your body will be tempted to dance non-stop to the sounds and energy of this "Rumba Latina".


Dancing Dirty is a Mixtape Series brought to you by DJ A.D.M. that is designed to bring you the best of all genres! This 2013 release, subtitled "It's A Trap" is highlighting some of the illest trap beats produced by both established, and underground producers and DJ's. If you enjoy a little bit of Hip-hop, Dubstep, and Dirty Dutch, this mix will most definitely result in eargasms. Be careful! It's A Trap !!!


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